White paper: The power of IPCP insurance

Our new white paper published here explores how the Intellectual Property Collateral Protection (IPCP) insurance market is changing, the benefits it offers and where we see the market developing.

Bermuda Brokers hosted a roundtable bringing together experts from across the (Re)Insurance industry, to discuss IPCP insurance, how the market is changing and the way in which we see it developing.

Following this lively and insightful discussion, we’ve published a white paper which outlines the key talking points, including the benefits and risks of IPCP, the factors driving change and why Bermuda is uniquely placed to deliver IP insurance solutions.

Economic and geo-political uncertainty is prevalent globally these days. That uncertainty is one of the major drivers of the increased interest in IPCP insurance that we are all witnessing. Uncertainty has made growth plans and the path to borrowing far more restrictive, leading to IP -rich companies, such as those in the tech sector, to seek funding from different routes – which is where IPCP comes into play.

As more companies look to take advantage of the benefits that IP Collateral Protection insurance offers, previously overlooked or undervalued assets, such as patents, are now opening new routes to lending for businesses.

“In the last two years, IPCP has emerged as an important industry sector where (Re)Insurance makes important contributions. There is a thirst for people to know why this sector is important, why it’s useful and how we, as a (Re)Insurance industry, can be of service.”

Hugh O’Donnell, Bermuda Brokers

With all this in mind at Bermuda Brokers, we are uniquely placed to offer a responsive, solution-orientated approach to IP protection cover for your clients. Given our unique position in the financial hub that is Bermuda, and our dynamic approach to business, we’re able to forge valuable and intimate relationships in which no two deals are the same. 

Moving forwards, we at Bermuda Brokers, expect to see continued innovation and collaboration between the (Re)Insurance market and IP companies, as both adapt to the changing landscape. 

If you are interested in learning more about intellectual property and IPCP insurance, then please do contact us, we’d be happy to discuss your interest.

Our thanks to the team who contributed to the white paper: Devon Ferron – Great American Insurance, Joe Agiato – PIUS, Tracy Gibbons – QBE Re and Hugh O’Donnell – Bermuda Brokers.

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