We are craftsmen in the world of reinsurance, insurance and capital markets both in Bermuda, the USA and Beyond.


We do not believe in cookie cutters. Each client’s needs are different, so is our value added.


Let us discuss with you how we can make a difference.


In the meantime, here are some areas where we really shine:

Bring direct access to dozens of re/insurance companies in dynamic Bermuda and internationally including Lloyd’s of London.

Deliver insight and solutions on Intangible Asset Collateral Protection Insurance.

For MGAs across the globe, we secure fronting paper and ensure stable access to re/insurance capacity using creative and effective reinsurance structures.

For ceding insurers and banks, we craft capital solutions and surplus relief.

For MGAs and industry groups, we form RRG’s and bring reinsurance for trucking and other commercial casualty lines.

For farmers in most regions of the world, source parametric insurance solutions for weather events regardless of the crop grown.